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Poplar Grove, Illinois

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Residential & Commercial Construction Services in Poplar Grove, Illinois

Rely on the experienced professionals at Hegbom Remodeling in Poplar Grove, Illinois, for all your project needs, from new construction to remodeling services. Whether you want a new room or a new home, we build your dreams.

New Construction
Let us handle all your residential or commercial projects from the ground up. We handle the planning, zoning, designing, architect-approved blueprints, framing, building, and full construction for anything from custom projects to making a new home or office. Our crew expertly handles all construction needs until you are all moved in.

Bathroom, Remodeling Services in Poplar Grove, IL

Add some extra space to the living area of your home or office. Our experts find space where there is none! We add an extra room, convert a regular room into a master suite, or even turn a bedroom into an office. When you want to go bigger, we add a whole room or a whole floor to your space. No task is impossible for our experts!

Kitchen and Bath
We offer complete kitchen and bath remodeling services from the ground up. Whether you want to take your existing kitchen or bathroom and open it up with space or redo the whole thing completely, we have got you covered. Let us add or change your:

   •  Appliances
   •  Showers or Tubs
   •  Cabinets
   •  Flooring

   •  Location of Water Supplies

  • Electrical needs


Update your interior with custom cabinetry on all types of built-ins including home theater TV spaces and walk-in closets. We build everything from scratch offering one-of-a-kind pieces for your individual style.

Let us handle all your remodeling needs - no job is too big or too small for our crew. We offer all types of services that make us your all-around professionals when it comes to remodels, including all electrical and plumbing work.

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